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As with any new commercial project or development, the key to success is knowing your target market and it’s needs and to be able to deliver a property to that market that exceeds it’s expectations on functionality, features, quality & price. In order to achieve the best success, Lowing & Bushe Real Estate has a network of industry professionals which combined with the company’s expertise will ensure implementation of the following strategies:

  1. Establishing the best type of use for the land in order to maximise on return.
  2. Identifying your target market & development opportunities.
  3. Conducting a Competitive Market Analysis – Both past & present in both Sales & Leasing sectors.
  4. Sales & Leasing History - Identify who & where your competition is & the relevant pricing levels required.
  5. Design Review advice & Town Planning advice.
  6. Advice on changing market trends.
  7. Review Marketing options that are available that would maximise sales & leasing activity.
  8. Coordination of Conjunctional agents & monitoring of sales & leasing objectives.
  9. Regular Marketing Activity reports.

Feel free to call & make an appointment to discuss your next project. The timing couldn’t be better to plan your next project so the launch occurs with the next market recovery.

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